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Keeping safe

Keeping Safe
The team at Safer can advise you on ways to keep yourself and your children safe depending on your circumstances. Contact one of the team if you wish to talk through your situation on 721999. We have put together some ways in which you can browse safely and some tips for safety planning.
Keeping safe

Browser safety

Keeping safe

Safety planning

Keeping safe

COVID safety

Keeping safe

Safety at home

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The hide site button on the right-hand side of Safer’s website menu is there to protect you and will switch your browser to the BBC website.  To ensure your privacy, you will still need to delete your browsing history to cover your tracks. Another way to hide your browser history is to use the Private Window option in your respective browser.

Get help

Our support is non-judgemental, your safety is our priority. We are here to offer support, information and advice so you can make informed decisions about your future.

Call the police Call the police 999 If you or your children are in immediate danger.
Call Safer Call Safer 01481 721999 (24/7)
If you are not in immediate danger and would like to talk to us about your options.