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Supports and empowers
against domestic abuse

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Safer spaces.

Businesses empowering against domestic abuse, helping make Guernsey a Safer space for everyone who calls it home.

Safer spaces is a pioneering partnership program where your business can play a powerful role in creating a safe environment for employees affected by domestic abuse.

By training volunteer ‘Safer space Champions’ within your organisation, we will empower your team to offer guidance and support to those ready to disclose their domestic abuse.

1 in 3

Women will experience
domestic abuse in Guernsey.

1 in 6

Men will
domestic abuse in Guernsey.

1 in 5

Children will experience
domestic abuse in Guernsey.


Of victims
are harassed
at work.


Of victims
reported that it impacted their
work performance.


Of victims
take time-off from work due to their abuse.

Safer spaces Program Highlights.

Expert Training

Chosen Champions receive comprehensive training to understand, recognise, and respond effectively to domestic abuse.

Awareness and Education

The initiative raises overall awareness and educates the workforce about domestic abuse, fostering a supportive environment.

Promotional Support

Partners receive marketing materials to showcase their commitment to social responsibility, enhancing their brand image.

Ongoing Relationship

Safer maintains an active partnership, offering continued support and community engagement opportunities.

Community Impact

Partner businesses will be recognised as leaders in combating domestic abuse, with chances to engage in community events promoting social change.

Join Us in Making a Difference.
Become a Partner.

Safer encourages businesses across Guernsey to join this noble cause. Together, we can work towards a community where everyone feels safe and supported.

The Business Case for Becoming a Safer spaces Partner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Demonstrate your commitment to social issues, enhancing your reputation and distinguishing your brand.

Workplace Morale

Foster a culture of care that improves employee morale, increases productivity, and reduces turnover.

Customer Loyalty

Consumers are increasingly drawn to brands with a strong social conscience. Your partnership with Safer spaces will resonate with your customers’ values.

Network Growth

Expand your network through connections with other like-minded businesses and community leaders.

Let’s Unite.

Let’s unite in creating Safer spaces where employees can thrive in safety and dignity. Partner with Safer to make a lasting difference in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse and set a new standard for corporate empathy and community leadership.

Our Valued Partners

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse group of forward-thinking businesses that have embraced the Safer spaces programme. Each partner has selected dedicated Safer spaces Champions, who have undergone our comprehensive training to support fellow employees affected by domestic abuse. These organisations are committed to fostering safer, more supportive workplaces, and their participation in the programme is a testament to their dedication to employee well-being and community responsibility.

Join us in recognising and celebrating the efforts of our valued partners as they lead the way in creating Safer spaces for all.

Let’s Connect. 

To find out more about becoming a Safer spaces partner, complete the form and we’ll email you the program information.

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Get help

Our support is non-judgemental, your safety is our priority. We are here to offer support, information and advice so you can make informed decisions about your future.

Call the police Call the police 999 If you or your children are in immediate danger.
Call Safer Call Safer 01481 721999 (24/7)
If you are not in immediate danger and would like to talk to us about your options.